SVendors Report

Jun 15
Vendorpreneurship series ft Hannah Ayilaran, CEO of StyleVendorsNg

Up until 2016, I never everrr saw myself as an entrepreneur. I’ve always been…

May 15
SVNG Reports: 5 Plus Size Nigerian Fashion Designers you should know

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Apr 15
SVNG Reports: 5 Natural Bridal Hairstylists in Nigeria

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Mar 15
SVNG Reports: Top 10 Traditional Wedding Makeup Artists in Nigeria

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Feb 15
Five Networking Tips to Excel in 2018: Beauty & Fashion industry

Getting into a full-blown competitive industry can be daunting (understandably)…

Jan 15
The Vendors Guide: your ultimate guide to picking the perfect vendor

Ofcos we’ve got insider tips on finding and picking the perfect vendor on…